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EMPOWER your business with IMSA membership. We would be honored to have you as an IMSA member. As part of the recently revised Strategic Plan, we are actively exploring new benefits to offer to members in addition to the fabulous benefits already in place such as consultative sessions with top industry professionals in areas including law, marketing, finance, business strategy and social media. The FAMIC Have the Talk of a Lifetime™ national campaign is in high gear and continues to build awareness among consumers and funeral professionals, all designed to encourage memorialization – which benefits all of us. Access to these consumer to business friendly materials are only available to FAMIC membership associations such as IMSA. We have started post-expo surveys of exhibitors at the industry trades shows that share salient thoughts and suggestions that IMSA members may benefit from.

You don’t want to miss out. Become empowered through IMSA.

Membership doesn’t cost – it pays!

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