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Funeral Service Glossary - Funeral Home

Arrangement Conference: meeting with the funeral director at the funeral home to make funeral arrangements.
Arrangement Room: a room at the funeral home used to make the necessary funeral arrangements with the family of the deceased.
Chapel: a large room of the funeral home in which the farewell service is held.
Church Truck: collapsible stand (catafalque) used for funerals.
Display Room: room in the funeral home that is set to display urns, caskets, burial garments and vaults.
Family Room: a specially arranged room in the funeral home which affords the family privacy at the time of the funeral service.
Funeral Home: a building used for the purpose of embalming, arranging and conducting funerals. Also known as mortuary.
Minister's Room: a room in the funeral home designated for the clergyman to robe and make last minute preparations for the funeral service.
Morgue: a place where bodies found dead are kept temporarily pending the identification by relatives or release for burial or autopsy.
Preparation Room: a room in a funeral home designed and equipped for preparing the deceased for final disposition.
Preparation Table: an operating table in the preparation room on which the body is placed for embalming and dressing.
Reposing Room: a room in the funeral home where a body lies in state from the time it is casketed until the time of the funeral service.
Selection Room: a room in the funeral home where caskets, urns, outer burial containers and other related items are displayed for individuals or families to peruse while planning a funeral or memorial service.
State Room: a room in a funeral home where visitations and funeral and memorial services are held; the term is derived from a body lying in state for viewing by friends and family; sometimes called a chapel.
Slumber Room: a room equipped with a bed upon which the deceased is placed prior to casketing on the day of the funeral.
Visitation Room: room in the funeral home where the body lies before the funeral service for people to view the deceased.