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Funeral Service Glossary-Cremation

Apportionment: when cremated remains are divided for separate disposition (like putting some in an urn and spreading some at a favorite location).
Cremains or Cremated Remains: what remains of a body after cremation- also called ashes.
Cremation: reduction of the body to ashes by fire.
Cremation Casket: a casket made of a combustible material, designed specifically for cremation.
Crematory: a furnace for cremating remains – a building housing such a furnace.
Inurnment: placing of cremated remains into an urn.
Niche: hollowed space in a wall made especially to place urns containing cremated remains.
Niche Garden: outdoor garden containing structures with niches.
Retort: the chamber in which a body is cremated.
Scattering: the disbursement of cremated remains in a meaningful location or environment; while there are few prohibitions against scattering, families are advised to obtain permission from landowners before scattering.
Urn: a container into which cremated remains are placed. Usually made of metal, wood or stone.
Urn Garden: garden that contains urn burial sites.
Urn Placement: permanent placement of an urn into a burial site or niche.