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Funeral Service Glossary - Funeral Service People

Apprentice: someone learning the funeral business under the supervision of a licensed director
Bereaved: (N) The immediate family of the deceased. (V) Suffering from the grief upon the death of a loved one.
Coroner: public official and in some cases a constitutional officer whose duty is to investigate the cause of death if it appears to be other than natural causes, or if there was no physician in attendance for a long time prior to death.
Embalmer: one who preserves bodies by the injection or external application of antiseptics, disinfectants or preservative fluids.
Flower bearer: an individual who walks before or behind the casket carrying flower tributes sent to the family.
Funeral Director/ Mortician: A professional, who prepares for the burial or other disposition of bodies, supervises such burial or disposition, maintains a funeral establishment for such purposes, and counsels survivors. Also known as undertaker.
Honorary Pallbearers: friends or members of a religious, social or fraternal organization who act as an escort or honor guard for the deceased. Honorary pallbearers do not carry the casket.
Medical Examiner: a government official who is usually appointed and has a thorough medical knowledge whose function is to perform autopsies on bodies dead from crime, violence, suicide, etc., and investigate circumstances of death.
Mourner: someone who is present at a funeral out of affection or respect for the deceased.
Pallbearers: individuals whose duty is to carry the casket when necessary during funeral service. Pallbearers can be hired or are close friends and relatives of the deceased.
Survivors: the persons outliving the deceased, particularly the immediate family.
Trade Embalmer: a licensed embalmer who is not employed by one specific funeral home, but does the embalming for several firms.