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Funeral Service Glossary - Funeral Product

Background Drapes: decorative drapes (usually made of velour) arranged on a frame to be placed as background behind the casket.
Burial Garments: wearing apparel made especially for the dead.
Canopy: a roof like structure projecting from the outside wall over the driveway, allowing passengers to board and alight from vehicles without being directly exposed to the elements – sometimes construed as a portable canvas shelter used to cover the grave area during committal service.
Casket (Coffin, Burial Case): a receptacle of wood, metal or plastic into which the body is placed for burial.
Casket Rack: a device which allows caskets to be placed one on top of the other for display purposes.
Casket Veil: a silk or net transparent covering for the casket.
Catafalque: a stand upon which the casketing remains rest while in state and during the funeral service.
Coffin: wedge shaped burial cases that are most often eight sided.
Door Badge: floral spray that is placed on the door of a residence to announce a death.
Family Car: a limousine used for the immediate family in a funeral procession.
Flower Car: a vehicle used for the transportation of flower pieces from the funeral home to the church and/or cemetery.
Flower Racks and Stands: wooden or metal racks and stands of varying heights used for banking flowers around the casket.
Funeral Spray: a collective mass of cut flowers sent to the residence of the deceased or to the funeral home as a floral tribute to the deceased.
Hearse/Casket Coach: a motor coach designed and used for the conveyance of the casketed remains from the place the funeral service is conducted to the cemetery. Also known as Funeral Coach.
Lead Car: the vehicle in which the funeral director and sometimes the clergyman rides. When the procession is formed, the lead car moves to the head of it and leads the procession to the church and/or cemetery.
Register: a book made available by the funeral director for recording the names of people visiting the funeral home to pay their respects to the deceased. Also has space for entering other data such as name, dates of birth and death of the deceased, name of the officiating clergyman, place of interment, time and date of service, list of floral tributes, etc.
Service Car: usually a utility vehicle to which tasteful ornamentation may be added in the form of a metal firm name plate, post lamps, etc. It is utilized to transport chairs, church trucks, flower stands, shipping cases, etc.