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LA ads brings the full spectrum of marketing strategies to bear in order to look at and solve marketing challenges from every angle. Utilizing award-winning artists and senior-level professional with proven credentials, LA ads offers its clients the following services:
>Strategic Marketing Counsel
>Advertising Creative and Production
>Online Marketing
>Direct Response Marketing
>General Media
>Public Relations

IMSA members receive one hour FREE, no obligation consultation with Dan Katz & team.  After your completed short questionnaire is reviewed by the LA ads team, LA ads offers no obligation consultation.

Axiom engaged IMSA consultant LA Ads to support our strategic growth plan 3 years ago, and their contribution to our marketing strategy has more than exceeded our expectations.  

According to LA ads Dan Katz, “businesses that want to stay out in front, need to zig when everyone else is zagging!”   

Axiom is ‘leading the pack’ with its innovative marketing plan. A highly respected delegate said, “Axiom is talking about things that no one else has even thought about yet…..and that catapults Axiom as the market leader in its league.”  Bring on more
red shoes! 

--Anne Field, Director