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  Cincinnati, OH 45258
  Phone: +1-513-407-8114
  Website; lemastersconsulting.com

Whatever your role in the industry: Cemetery or Cemeterian; Crematory or Crematory Operator; Funeral Home or Funeral Director; Lemasters Consulting offers your business a reliable source for solutions to your problems, answers to your questions, and preventative steps to keep your business on track. Whether your business needs require a one-time solution, a long term-plan, or a sounding board for future endeavors–Lemasters Consulting is your only choice.

HUMAN RESOURCES: employment practices & procedures
LITIGATION:  contract disputes, cremation lawsuits, next of kin disputes, customer complaints, expert witness
COMPLIANCE:  regulatory response, licensing, pre-need due diligence, complaint resolutions
BUYING/SELLING:  valuations, transaction planning, negotiation, post-closing set-up
RISK MANAGEMENT:  employee policy procedure manual, operational audit, insurance audit

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one hour FREE, no-obligation legal consultation with Poul Lemasters.  Or do you have just a question? Lemasters Consulting provides answers, solutions, and ideas when you have questions.